Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lizzy Ray

This is Lizzy Ray, my kitten. She lives outside. And I love her very much!! Iv'e had several other kittens, Thelma Ray, Ginger, Ray( short for Ray of Sunshine) and Marshmallow. But they all passed away. :'(  Anyways, Liz has many nicknames. Liz, shugums, and shugs. 
Heres Liz as a baby kitten! She's on the top. To the right of her is Jelly, to the left is Casey.
Her head in this pic is way down at the bottom. The other black and white one is Gretchen. 
She's all grown up now!! *Sniffle* 
I love you Liz!!! 

Kitten lover, Daisy Ray


  1. So cute, Grace. I love your posts. GL

  2. Awww! Liz! She is so precious! You are very lucky to have a kitten like Lizzy Ray!