Sunday, April 28, 2013

The River

We went to the rental house a few days ago, and checked out the river. Other times we just sort of glanced at it, but this time we really looked.
It was so pretty! I'm very happy that we should be living next to a river for a while. 
It would be nice to come back here and have a fire or something. Or just sit and read. Or just sit. 
It also has clams!! I love to collect these because as you can see, they are very beautiful on the inside. 
The shells on this one are still together, but when I washed it they came apart.
I also found this, I don't really know what it is though. 
Probably some house decor. I found it outside around the rental house. They probably threw it out when they were gutting the house. It is still pretty though! We are moving in exactly 34 days. Yay! 

Thank you for reading! Daisy Ray


  1. Beautiful pictures, Grace. You are doing such a nice job on your posts.

    1. Thank you very much!!!