Monday, December 23, 2013

A huge Hunk of December

Okay, if y'all's are wondering why I keep saying I'm gonna post more and plum don't, it's because there really hasn't been much to tell. But now there is. We saw the second Hobbit movie, with our friends, and when we walked outside in that after-the-three-hour-movie daze, we saw that it was really snowing. So what did we do? The only thing to do! Go to Olive Garden! So by the time we got home, and then got up in the morning, it has snowed three point one inches. Not bad, not bad. So after church, we went to the tiny hill by our house and sadly realized we had no sled. It was terrible. SO we (I actually, L's coat somehow made it impossible) I mean I  sled down on my back. It was fun until the walnuts from the tree started to get uncovered. Ouch.
Then, we made a wall with the snow and split sides and we had a snowball fight. Too bad it only lasted five minutes. Then we went inside and I had a donut. Cuz I'm sure I needed back all those calories I must have burned!!

The deck is done, it's just too bad they finished it in winter, because it's too cold to sit and enjoy it now. And the river froze, and Husty, the outdoor cat, had a blast walking and slipping all over it. But then Husty was lost. For probably almost a week and a half. BUT as we were coming home from the whole movie -theater thing, we saw cat tracks in the snow. Turns out they were Husty's! He is now back to jumping up on the window sill (outside) and freaking everyone out at supper. He is also now back to jumping on the window sill and meowing to his heart content.

So that's what we've been up to. Have a very very merry Christmas!


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  1. Hi Daisy Ray ! This is Wally Joe Chuckles and I live in Wallingford, Ct. We have had the worst winter ever ! We've had a storm just about every week and the temp. rarely gets above freezing . Woe is me cuz me and my playmates LOVE to play golf and we haven't been able to since Dec.. I live with my Mom and 3 crazy kitties especially my favorite , Daisy ! She will sleep anywhere , any time ! She is also more like a dog than a cat . . . she is always trying to sneak outside to hang out with the squirrels across the street and she also absolutely loves to camp out on my lap for head rubs ! She got out once for 5 days and my Mom almost called the F.B.I. to help search for her but after much prayer and a search of the barn and farmland up the street she just appeared out of nowhere . We now often refer to those days as the time Daisy went on vacation ! Anyway , I see you live in Kansas . . .is that like a country ? I've never heard of it before . Do you have palm trees and cable TV ? It sounds like such a nice place ! Maybe my Mom will let me call and talk to you and your brother and sister . . . they seem so nice and I'll bet your brother has a frog in his pocket right now ! My Mom says I talk too much and now I have to go to bed . She also says I'm annoying . I hope I haven't annoyed you !

    Your friend , Wally Joe Chuckles