Friday, April 12, 2013

Evening fires

Sometimes we have a fire outside. It is very fun! Only in the summer, when it's not too cold. We sometimes even hear coyotes!!!
We all just pull up a chair and watch the sun set. 
It's very nice and relaxing.
So pretty!!!!!! One time we roasted brats. They were good, except I don't like brats. My family thought they were good, though!! We will sit out by the fire for hours. Dad will sometimes play his guitar! We fashioned a metal pole into a cane by heating it till' it was red-hot, then we pounded it with a sledge hammer. Now we use it to poke the fire! 
Fires are kitten-approved!!!!! The kitties in the pic are Thelma Ray (mine) and Barney. Have a nice weekened!!!! 

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!! Daisy Ray


  1. Cool, and cute kittens!!! How are you? Keep posting, because your good at it!! Love you! Love, Bunny Love

    1. Thanks! I will keep posting til' I'm old and my arthueites is so bad that I can't type anymore! :) Love u 2! DayRay

  2. Grace, I love your comments and pictures. They show the beauty of the outdoors, and some nice family time. Love you! Grandma Linda

    1. Thank you! I wish you were here enjoying the outdoors with us! We had another fire tonight:) Love u 2! Day Ray