Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Poem by a Pug

Hello ya'll

You probably know I'm small

A little over one foot tall

And 'ya know what?

I plum don't care at all.

Eating the same dog food, 

It's a grind

But sometimes I don't mind.

'Cause is theres a piece of chicken or cheese, 

That's all it takes for me to be pleased.

I also like bugs and snakes,

And cow-poop patties double as cakes.

They smell so great and taste delish,

Even better than a few raw fish.

I love to swim in the lake, 

Even if theres swimmers ear in my wake.

Some times when I'm swimming

I can't seem to paddle enough,

And that's when the going gets tough.

So I swim to shore;

Only to jump in once more.


Well, I finally wrote a poem,

And you humans think there the only ones who can write,

But a pug can too,

Through and through.

{Daisy Ray}  {Puggy Ray}

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Outside and Inside Pets

[Note: All pics are from the old house because the pics are not downloading again. I'll probably use pics I already used, too. So DEAL with it! Just kidding. :) ]

This is Bindi, H's cat.

And this is Pricilla, who kept the other cats warm in the winter, and had the most kittens.

This is my cat Ray ( short for Ray of Sunshine ), who was my favorite out of all my other cats.

This is Snacks. One thing about him is he kept nursing the longest.

This is Ty Ty. Short for Tigress. She was the pretty-est cat we ever owned, and had quite a few kittens.

And my other kitty Ginger. She was a tiny kitten when Pricilla died ( Pricilla was her Mom ), so we took care of her. She and Lottie always played, too!

Here is Lottie. AKA Moon, Moonshine, Pug, Pug-a-wug, and Tot. 

This was Mom's cat, Chuckles. ( Named after the candy ) He was very nice.

And last but not least, the indoor cats. Their names when we bought them were Mittens and Gloves. Somehow, Guava and Twa became there new names. They are very sweet, and are great companions.

Well, that was most of the pets. There are still quite a few others, but we'll just set them aside. They won't mind! 

I keep getting sever outbreaks of poison ivy. So, so SO itchy! All day every day! Not fun! 

I hope you like the new look of da blog! 

{Daisy Ray}

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pug and Cat

Me: Greetings, pug.
Pug: Uhhnnnnnuuhhh.....

Me: What?

Pug: Mmmmmmnnnnuuuuuhhhh.....

Me: Lottie! Talk normal!
Pug: No.

Me: Why?

Pug: Nnnnnuuuuhhhhhnnmmm.....

Me: Lottie! 

Pug: Go away.

Me: Guava?

Guava: Mmmmm....???

Me: Guava!

Guava: Oh, I had the most pleasant dream! Let me tell you...

Guava: I went out-of-doors! I was having a wonderful time!

Guava: The sun, the smell of sweet grass, it was wonderful! I almost felt like a kitten again!

Guava: Then I was inside and face-to-face with THE PUG! I was terrified!

Guava: A wonderful dream it was. Then you showed up...

Me: Sorry Guava.

Guava: SORRY?! DO YOU THINK THAT WILL HELP?!?! I am so so angry nothing will help!! Why- why- I'm BALLISTIC! And you think SORRY will help?!?! I am full of ANGER!!! 

Me: Whoa Guava! Calm-a down! It was JUST a dream! 


Me: GUAVA! Calm down!


Me: *Sigh*

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Have Internet!

We finally got Internet! We were without it for two months. Now Auntie is here too!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with her for supper yesterday. Very fun and delicious! Then we got cones at Mc Donald's. Very fun! Thank you Auntie!!

We've been biking around the property and exploring. We found a river, and a good picnic spot. We also have been going on walks. There is a road so the the people checking the oil wells can get around to them, and one leads for 3.5 miles through a corn field. Corn on both sides of the road, and it is so so pretty/cool!

We have been enjoying the bovines too. They have absolutely NO self-conscienceness and as you walk by there all wide-eyed and staring. It's kind of uncomfortable!

Have a good rest of the week!

{Daisy Ray}

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creepy Cows

The cows were mooing very loudly this morning. We have about twenty cows in our land, and they are very fun to watch. The calfs are quite cute too! Anyway, the farmer came and the cows had a great big moo-fest. They sound really creepy when they moo. When there stressed they're moos sound like a horse and donkey, both dying. Like: Mhhhooooonnnnaaaaoooohhhhnnnnn.....!!!!!!!

It's really nice living here. And there is so many trees! For Kansas, at least. By the river though, it's a forest! Without evergreens! Every plant is flourishing. It's been raining almost every day! By now, everything would be shriveled up, brown, and dead. I think the frogs think it's spring, because usually I don't see frogs on our doors and windows. There always on them! It's really strange! Even on the second floor windows, frogs! And lots of Daddy Longlegs too. And we had a scorpion on our stairs! There are a lot of Cardinals too. And Grasshoppers. And just bugs in general.

Can't wait for you to come, Auntie!!!!!!!!! Five more days!!!

{Daisy Ray}

Monday, August 12, 2013

Got Wi-Fi?

Hi! Sorry no posts for months, but we plum ain't got no Wi-Fi! Argggggg......    A lot has been happ'nin lately, we moved in and it is veeerrrryy nice here! Flaws of dis house: Undrinkable water and wasps get in. And that's all! It's rained so much, and the river was so high,  trees were floating down it!  We've been fishing a lot in the pond. Very fun! And the best for last.... Aunties a comin'!! From CT! YYAAYYYY!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Well, I hope we get Wi-Fi soon, but until we do, I'll keep posting on the iPhone!!

Daisy Ray