Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The past few days

Here is Guava in the grass. In the summer we somtimes let her outside, and she loves it! We went 
to help fix up the rental house. Nothing was different really, so there's no pics.

But on the way back to our house, a HUGE storm came!!! The road was flooded in like two minutes!! And there was so much rain that it was nearly impossible to see as we were driving. Our yard was covered with water, and you couldn't even see the fire pit!! It hailed a lot too! We were picking it up by the handful. And poor Jelly, one of the outside cats was soaked! But the pictures will still not download, so I can not show you what everything looked like. :(
And here is Lottie, thinking of a pug. The pic is blurry becuase it was taken on our phone. And also maybe cause the person taking it didn't have a steady hand. I wonder who THAT could be... 

Here is my old cat Ray with her kittens. The black kittie right next to Ray's back leg is Ty Ty!! The one next to her is Toro. The one next to him is Bindy. Ty Ty's recent litter is the seventh batch of kittens!  Gee whiz, that's a lot of cats! Till next post... 

Daisy Ray


  1. The kittens are so cute! Sounds like you had a pretty interesting storm pass through. It is SUNNY and almost 50 here in Minnesota. Hope it is warm down in KS!

    1. Thanks! It is sort of warming up here in KS, but I hope the good weather your having will stay when we come up in May!!! I hope we can see you guys when were up there!!! Thank you for the comment!!!