Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little baby birds.

We found this bird and two others in their destroyed nests. The reason is that people who were working on the barn at the time probably accidentally knocked down the nests. We named this birdie Rosie. There was two very young babies, and we named those Daisy and Lily. We got an eye dropper and tried to feed them, but they soon perished. :( But, Rosie flew away! I hope she's alive and healthy now, and doing whatever birds do that makes them happy. 
I think she was a barn sparrow. We tried to sing a special song to her a lot, so that when she was older we could sing the song and she would come. We didn't have her long enough, so it never worked. :( 

A couple weeks ago, one of our kitties caught a Meadowlark, Kansas's state bird. They ate only like a fourth of it, so it laid on the ground right outside at the back door of the house, rotting, for a few days before we finally picked it up. Kittens these days. *Sigh*

Thanks much for reading! Daisy Ray

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