Monday, April 29, 2013

A Terrible Tragedy

Poor Peep. Peep is one of Ty Ty's kittens, but two days ago I accidentally stepped on her head. She had blood coming out of her nose, and all day she just layed there. But now she seems much better, and we've been feeding her through a eye dropper. There is no pics becuase she is not quite picture ready. There is still blood and milk on her face. Not cool. I hope she survives!!

Yesterday, I had a HUGE sinus migrane! It was so pianful and unbearable! I threw up 4 times! And the worst part is that it lasted for FIVE hours!!!!!!! Mom was very caring the whole time though! That helped so much.

We cleaned out our garage yesterday too! We found everything we wanted to keep (for packing) and threw all the other stuff away. There's still a lot to be done though. I wonder what it will be like packing our food? I hope it's not like: "Hey!! Wheres the box of ice cream cones?! I NEED a ice cream cone, and I need it NOW!!" Or, "Where's my underwear?''  "Over here in the peanut butter!" Most likely not.

Daisy Ray


  1. Oh no! Is Ty Ty worried about her baby? Does she stay around and lick her face or does she go about her own business?

    I am glad you're feeling better Grace. :)

    I wonder what it would be like if you were throwing up whiIe packing the food? At least that didn't happen. :)

    1. Ty Ty seems fine, she just does her thing. I'm glad I'm feeling better too!! Migranes are no fun.

      Throwing up while packing would be a interesting experience. It would probably be like: ''Heres the bread!!" WWWLLARRRGGGG.....!!!!

      Miss you guys!!!

      Daisy Ray

  2. Grace! I am laughing my head off at your comment back!!! HAAAAAAAHHAAAAAAAA! I just filled the kids in on what's been happening. :) You're hilarious...