Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sad Goodbye

Peep is gone. She died last night. She fought the battle of death and lost. Poor, poor Peep. I'm glad for her sake, though. She was suffering so much. In a way I'm almost glad she died, becuase ever since I squished her, every thought about kittens was: Death Fear Sadness. But now we can all get back to thinking: Cute Furry Sweet. The last kittens are: Aquilla, Jasper and Ravioli. They are fine and healthy!

Here is Peep. The kitten head under her is Ravioli. The one sort of on top is Jasper.
Here is Ty Ty with her kittens. Peep is the last one on the left.
And here is Peep with her Great-Grandfather, Twa! He is very nice to them, and will lick and cuddle with them. Guava, the Great-Grandma, is quite the opposite. She will hiss and growl at the poor kitties! What a jerk.

We are going to make Peep a rock that says 'Peep' on it with bright yellow piant. And decorate it with flowers and stuff for a gravestone. Then we can bring it wherever we go. I have one for my pet cat Ray that died awhile ago. 

I miss Peep a lot. But I know that she is much better off dead. And next time if this type of thing ever happens again, it won't probably be quite as sad. And I remember that the last words I said to her were, "I love you, Peep!"

Daisy Ray

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Terrible Tragedy

Poor Peep. Peep is one of Ty Ty's kittens, but two days ago I accidentally stepped on her head. She had blood coming out of her nose, and all day she just layed there. But now she seems much better, and we've been feeding her through a eye dropper. There is no pics becuase she is not quite picture ready. There is still blood and milk on her face. Not cool. I hope she survives!!

Yesterday, I had a HUGE sinus migrane! It was so pianful and unbearable! I threw up 4 times! And the worst part is that it lasted for FIVE hours!!!!!!! Mom was very caring the whole time though! That helped so much.

We cleaned out our garage yesterday too! We found everything we wanted to keep (for packing) and threw all the other stuff away. There's still a lot to be done though. I wonder what it will be like packing our food? I hope it's not like: "Hey!! Wheres the box of ice cream cones?! I NEED a ice cream cone, and I need it NOW!!" Or, "Where's my underwear?''  "Over here in the peanut butter!" Most likely not.

Daisy Ray

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The River

We went to the rental house a few days ago, and checked out the river. Other times we just sort of glanced at it, but this time we really looked.
It was so pretty! I'm very happy that we should be living next to a river for a while. 
It would be nice to come back here and have a fire or something. Or just sit and read. Or just sit. 
It also has clams!! I love to collect these because as you can see, they are very beautiful on the inside. 
The shells on this one are still together, but when I washed it they came apart.
I also found this, I don't really know what it is though. 
Probably some house decor. I found it outside around the rental house. They probably threw it out when they were gutting the house. It is still pretty though! We are moving in exactly 34 days. Yay! 

Thank you for reading! Daisy Ray

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The past few days

Here is Guava in the grass. In the summer we somtimes let her outside, and she loves it! We went 
to help fix up the rental house. Nothing was different really, so there's no pics.

But on the way back to our house, a HUGE storm came!!! The road was flooded in like two minutes!! And there was so much rain that it was nearly impossible to see as we were driving. Our yard was covered with water, and you couldn't even see the fire pit!! It hailed a lot too! We were picking it up by the handful. And poor Jelly, one of the outside cats was soaked! But the pictures will still not download, so I can not show you what everything looked like. :(
And here is Lottie, thinking of a pug. The pic is blurry becuase it was taken on our phone. And also maybe cause the person taking it didn't have a steady hand. I wonder who THAT could be... 

Here is my old cat Ray with her kittens. The black kittie right next to Ray's back leg is Ty Ty!! The one next to her is Toro. The one next to him is Bindy. Ty Ty's recent litter is the seventh batch of kittens!  Gee whiz, that's a lot of cats! Till next post... 

Daisy Ray

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Guava and Twa, our indoor cats

We have had Lottie for almost two years, and the cats still don't get along with her. Every day its:
Reeewwwoorrrwww!!!!!!!!! Hiiiiiiissssssssssssss!!!! * Scuffle Scuffle*. I think this picture of Guava sums up her fellings toward Lottie.
Pure hatred. She is looking at Lottie of course, she is just not in the pic.
They also like the heaters. Twa especially likes them. He will curl himself up and lay by the heater for hours.
Guava likes to lay on Mom and Dad's bed. 

 Here's some kitten news: Ravioli's eyes are open!
 Ravioli is the gray kitten. The other kitties are doing fine, too! I'll do a post on the kittens when I can get the pics we have to upload.  For some reason, it's not working now. :(

Thank you for reading! Daisy Ray

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pug pics

Here are some pug-pics of Lottie.
This one was Instagrammed. She has a serious under bite, so thats why her teeth are showing so much.
I love pug-pics.
Here's another Instagrammed picture of us at Chick-fil-a. I love their fries! 
Have a good rest- of-your week! Oh, the kittens are doing goood too!!!!! I like the smell of their breath.  It smells like milk and baby powder.  Is it weird to like kitten breath?

Thanks for reading! Daisy Ray

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Connecticut trips

We live too far from both sides of our family. Minnesota is the closest, and that's still a whole day of driving! This post is about trips to Connecticut. Later, I will post about our very fun Minnesota trips.

We went to Connecticut in 2011, and while we were there, just our family went to the beach. It was very fun, and I collected a bunch of shells to bring home, but they started to stink really bad and we had to throw them away.
There was this cool rock thing, but I was too scared to go to the very end, but I did eventually because Mom wanted a picture.
It was really fun! There was a lighthouse too. The whole trip that year was a blast. I wish we could go  more often, but it's a two day drive from here to Connecticut! We went there for Christmas this year, and that was super duper fun! We had a big party at my Grandma's, and my cousins and a lot of other relitives came. It was so fun! We also went and saw my Great-Grandma too. That was the last time we saw her, because she sadly passed away. :( I really miss her. We stayed at my Aunt's house for three days! We got Chinese food with her!!!!!! Mmmmmmmm... Chinese food. We went to our Grandpa's too, and he has really cute cats! Their names are Daisy, Rosie, and Ollie. And before the trip I bought two bags of gummy bears and put them in Mason jars! They lasted for a long time. 

The kittens are doing really well! There are two girls and two boys! Yay!

Thanks for reading! Daisy Ray

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip cookies

These cookies are so good! The reason why they're called 'Brown sugar chocolate chip cookies' is because instead of brown and white sugar, it's all brown sugar. This makes them just a bit better! Make them ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! There very rich and tasty!!! Here is how you make these delicious creations!!!
Here are the ingredients: brown sugar, two eggs, chocolate chips, flour, baking soda, butter, salt, vanilla, baking powder, and shortening.
First, melt the butter.
Then add it to the bowl with the brown sugar and shortening...
And mix it up!
Then crack in two eggs...
And mix them in!
To the flour add baking powder...
And baking soda.
Then combine the flour mixture, and pour it in the bowl.
And some vanilla. Then mix it up!
After it mixes, add in the chocolate chips.
Then mix that too!
Then put them in the oven for...
Nine minutes!
Nothing like a warm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookie!
So good!! You really have to try these. They'll blow you're mind! Make em' now, make em' soon, their taste will blow you to the moon!! Ha.


 Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies


2\3 cup shortening
2\3 cup butter, melted
2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp each: vanilla, baking soda, salt
1\2 tsp baking powder
3 cups flour
2 cups chocolate chips (one bag)

Preheat oven to 350
Cream the shortening, butter and brown sugar in a mixer bowl. Then beat in the eggs and vanilla. Add baking powder, baking soda, and salt to flour. Add flour and chocolate chips, and mix till just blended. Makes 2 and a half dozen. Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 13, 2013


WE FOUND THEM!!! WE FOUND THEM!!!! There's four!!!! They're so cute and precious!! She had them in the barn loft, under a board. We kept watching her till' she went in the loft, and there they were!!!!

Here are the kittens!! Three calicos, one gray.
See how big they are compared to Ty Ty?
Their eyes are actually sort of kinda open. Just baaaarrrrlllleeeyyyy though. Soon we can put them on a blanket and play with them! I love kittens!!!


TY TY HAD HER KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHE HAD THEM!!! SHE HAD THEM!!!! I just saw her on the porch..... and she was skinny!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to watch her to see were she goes, and follow her, and we will probably find her kitties!!!!!! We think she had them in the garage or barn. She probably had them yesterday, April12, and she had her last batch that same day last year!!!! Keep checking back to see if we find them!!  DayRay

Friday, April 12, 2013

Evening fires

Sometimes we have a fire outside. It is very fun! Only in the summer, when it's not too cold. We sometimes even hear coyotes!!!
We all just pull up a chair and watch the sun set. 
It's very nice and relaxing.
So pretty!!!!!! One time we roasted brats. They were good, except I don't like brats. My family thought they were good, though!! We will sit out by the fire for hours. Dad will sometimes play his guitar! We fashioned a metal pole into a cane by heating it till' it was red-hot, then we pounded it with a sledge hammer. Now we use it to poke the fire! 
Fires are kitten-approved!!!!! The kitties in the pic are Thelma Ray (mine) and Barney. Have a nice weekened!!!! 

Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!! Daisy Ray

April ice storm

 There was a storm few days ago. It actually stormed at night, and it also freezing rained! A severe thunder storm, then freezing rain. It was so weird!

There was a lot of ice on everything!!! 
We walked around and we licked trees. Only because they were covered with ice. It was quite tasty!
The field was very cool. All the long grass was covered with ice, and when you stepped on some, it would snap right in half!! 
A lot of branches came down, and this was one of the big ones. If it was about two feet more to the right, the window would have broken! 
Everything was so pretty. I have never seen anything like it! The ice started melting two days ago, and all the trees are still okay! 
It was so fun to look around the property and see what everything looked like with the ice.  For instance, all the cedar tree's branches bunched together and formed almost a wall! And the grass was crunching and breaking when you walked on it. It was so fun! And cold. 

This is the next morning.

This is the sunrise on the field. You just don't see these things in a city. :)

Loving the country, Daisy Ray