Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello! So sorry again for not posting. :( Lots to tell, though! Okay, good news first. At the front of our house they had taken down the deck because it was so rotting and old. Now they put up a pergola! We saw lots of deer lately, and two good-sized bucks! We got a 55' TV! Its so nice compared to our other really old small TV. We are doing lots of indoor fires, and it is really nice. It's finally getting cold out, today it snowed a bit! I recently switched my Instagram account to pretending to be Lottie, our pug, (don't ask) and reached sixty followers! Lottie is famous! :D If you are wondering, my Lottie's account is @lottiemoonshinepug . Now to slam you with the bad news. Me, my Mom, and bro all caught the WHOOPING COUGH. Our vaccines didn't work! So please pray for a speedy (they call it the hundred day cough!) recovery, because it is just miserable. Please pray extra hard for me mother, as she currently has it the worst.:((  BUT if the pills we took work, it should be gone soon! :D    So yeah. And we have run out of I Love Lucy's to watch, any fun game suggestions for when we have nothing to do after supper? We have Dutch Blitz (buy it) but so far that's it.
Have a great weekend all! :)  :)

{Daisy Ray}