Monday, September 30, 2013

Micellaneous Animals

Guava: I am laying on your nice cloths and I don't care.
Me: Guava! Naughty girl!
Guava: Oh, uh, just kidding! Now; stroke my body!

Guava: Keep STROKING me!!

Guava: Move this disgusting cord!! I think it is ruining my life!
Guava: Thank you!
Me: Sure.
Guava: I think I shall head down the stairs and have a Éclair!
Guava: Or wait, mayhap I shall have Crème Brule!
Guava: Or possibly a Bavarian Cream Puff!
Guava: Yes, they all sound scrumptious, but what one to pick? O, sorrow of many sorrows!
Lottie: Sup' ya'll.
Me: Sup'.
Husty: Dwa hey man!
Husty: Love me!
Husty: I just love you!
Lottie: Gee wiz, Husty! Lay of the beans and broccoli! Phew!
Husty: Huh?
Lottie: Hey, something totally uninteresting! Lemme check this out!
Husty: Pet me?
Lottie: Whoa, ya'll! Call a detective! I think this is a STICK!
Lottie: Actually ya'll, it was just an extinct dinosaur bone. I'm so disappointed I'm gonna run in circles.
Husty: Where's Lottie?
Husty: Lottie! Lottie?
Lottie: *Grunt*
Husty: Where oh where could she be?
Lottie: Uh... Husty?
Husty: Lottie? Hello?
Lottie: Husty.
Husty: Oh, WHERE is she??
Lottie: You gotta be kiddin' me.
Husty: I'll never see her again! Oh, Lottie Lottie Lottie......
Lottie: It...won't... UNCURL!!
Lottie: Oh well.

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