Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Sad Goodbye

Peep is gone. She died last night. She fought the battle of death and lost. Poor, poor Peep. I'm glad for her sake, though. She was suffering so much. In a way I'm almost glad she died, becuase ever since I squished her, every thought about kittens was: Death Fear Sadness. But now we can all get back to thinking: Cute Furry Sweet. The last kittens are: Aquilla, Jasper and Ravioli. They are fine and healthy!

Here is Peep. The kitten head under her is Ravioli. The one sort of on top is Jasper.
Here is Ty Ty with her kittens. Peep is the last one on the left.
And here is Peep with her Great-Grandfather, Twa! He is very nice to them, and will lick and cuddle with them. Guava, the Great-Grandma, is quite the opposite. She will hiss and growl at the poor kitties! What a jerk.

We are going to make Peep a rock that says 'Peep' on it with bright yellow piant. And decorate it with flowers and stuff for a gravestone. Then we can bring it wherever we go. I have one for my pet cat Ray that died awhile ago. 

I miss Peep a lot. But I know that she is much better off dead. And next time if this type of thing ever happens again, it won't probably be quite as sad. And I remember that the last words I said to her were, "I love you, Peep!"

Daisy Ray


  1. Hi Grace, I am so sorry to hear about Peep. She is not suffering anymore, and even if she lived, she probably would have been severely handicapped. I like your idea of the rock as a memorial. Now onto playing with the kittens. Enjoy them!! Love you. GL

    1. Thank you! I will enjoy them as much as I can. Love you too! Miss you!! And thank you very much for the comment.

  2. I like Twa's Paws. :)

    "Now I lay me down to peep.."

    1. Twa has very lovely paws. I like the "Now I lay me down to Peep..."!

  3. Hi Daisy Ray, I am so sorry to hear about Peep. She is not suffering anymore and is in a good place.

    I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work!!!
    Gramma Nicole