Friday, April 12, 2013

April ice storm

 There was a storm few days ago. It actually stormed at night, and it also freezing rained! A severe thunder storm, then freezing rain. It was so weird!

There was a lot of ice on everything!!! 
We walked around and we licked trees. Only because they were covered with ice. It was quite tasty!
The field was very cool. All the long grass was covered with ice, and when you stepped on some, it would snap right in half!! 
A lot of branches came down, and this was one of the big ones. If it was about two feet more to the right, the window would have broken! 
Everything was so pretty. I have never seen anything like it! The ice started melting two days ago, and all the trees are still okay! 
It was so fun to look around the property and see what everything looked like with the ice.  For instance, all the cedar tree's branches bunched together and formed almost a wall! And the grass was crunching and breaking when you walked on it. It was so fun! And cold. 

This is the next morning.

This is the sunrise on the field. You just don't see these things in a city. :)

Loving the country, Daisy Ray


  1. Wow!!! that is so cool! How thick is the ice? I like your blog! RG

  2. Beautiful pictures! It was a glistening landscape. GL

    1. Thank you! Love you!!!