Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Chat With A Pug

 Me: How's it going, Guava?

Guava: *Snorckle Snore* Hmmm? What?

Me: Guava! Wake up!

Guava: ..........................

Me: Guava!!!

Guava: ..........................

Me: GUAVA!!!

Guava: Oh! How long have you been here?

Me: Like, ten minutes.

Guava: ..........................


Me: Hey Ty Ty.

Ty Ty: Hello.

Me: What're you up to?

Ty Ty: Sorry, I have so many things on my mind! Please leave.

Me: Well....... okay.
Me: Hey there, pug-a-wug!

Lottie: Hey Gwace!!

Me: Are you chilaxing?

Lottie: Sure am, ya'll!

Me: Come sit at the table Lottie. I want to tell you something.
Me: Alright, Moonshine. I'm sorry to say it, but you have to go to the Kennel.
Lottie: What? Did I hear you right, or did you just tell me that I have to go to the Kennel?

Me: You heard what I said, Pug.
Lottie: But why do I have to go?

Me: Were going to Minnesota, Moon.
Lottie: Are you sure I can't come with you?

Me: I wish you could pug, but you just can't.
Lottie: I guess I can bear it, as long as you come back, of course.

Me: Moon! Of course we'll come back, precious one!
Lottie: Good. I'm countin' on it, ya'll.

Me: Okay. Bye Moonshine!
Me: Twa! What happened to you?!

Twa: Oh my man! I got a makeover.

Me: Oh, poor Twa!

Twa: Tell me about it.

~Daisy Ray


  1. I love Lottie's expressions. She is so cute!!!

    1. Thank you! Thank you for commenting!
      Miss you!

      Daisy Ray

  2. SO SO SO CUTE!!!! You always make me laugh!! Love it!! BL

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you thought it was funny!

      Daisy Ray