Monday, December 23, 2013

A huge Hunk of December

Okay, if y'all's are wondering why I keep saying I'm gonna post more and plum don't, it's because there really hasn't been much to tell. But now there is. We saw the second Hobbit movie, with our friends, and when we walked outside in that after-the-three-hour-movie daze, we saw that it was really snowing. So what did we do? The only thing to do! Go to Olive Garden! So by the time we got home, and then got up in the morning, it has snowed three point one inches. Not bad, not bad. So after church, we went to the tiny hill by our house and sadly realized we had no sled. It was terrible. SO we (I actually, L's coat somehow made it impossible) I mean I  sled down on my back. It was fun until the walnuts from the tree started to get uncovered. Ouch.
Then, we made a wall with the snow and split sides and we had a snowball fight. Too bad it only lasted five minutes. Then we went inside and I had a donut. Cuz I'm sure I needed back all those calories I must have burned!!

The deck is done, it's just too bad they finished it in winter, because it's too cold to sit and enjoy it now. And the river froze, and Husty, the outdoor cat, had a blast walking and slipping all over it. But then Husty was lost. For probably almost a week and a half. BUT as we were coming home from the whole movie -theater thing, we saw cat tracks in the snow. Turns out they were Husty's! He is now back to jumping up on the window sill (outside) and freaking everyone out at supper. He is also now back to jumping on the window sill and meowing to his heart content.

So that's what we've been up to. Have a very very merry Christmas!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello! So sorry again for not posting. :( Lots to tell, though! Okay, good news first. At the front of our house they had taken down the deck because it was so rotting and old. Now they put up a pergola! We saw lots of deer lately, and two good-sized bucks! We got a 55' TV! Its so nice compared to our other really old small TV. We are doing lots of indoor fires, and it is really nice. It's finally getting cold out, today it snowed a bit! I recently switched my Instagram account to pretending to be Lottie, our pug, (don't ask) and reached sixty followers! Lottie is famous! :D If you are wondering, my Lottie's account is @lottiemoonshinepug . Now to slam you with the bad news. Me, my Mom, and bro all caught the WHOOPING COUGH. Our vaccines didn't work! So please pray for a speedy (they call it the hundred day cough!) recovery, because it is just miserable. Please pray extra hard for me mother, as she currently has it the worst.:((  BUT if the pills we took work, it should be gone soon! :D    So yeah. And we have run out of I Love Lucy's to watch, any fun game suggestions for when we have nothing to do after supper? We have Dutch Blitz (buy it) but so far that's it.
Have a great weekend all! :)  :)

{Daisy Ray}

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dallas Trip ✈️

Hello. Sorry I'm not posting. It's just that I'm SO busy! I have the world to destroy, hyenas to train, and  plus I have to survive.

Anyway, we went to Dallas like two weeks ago! Robert, a good friend of ours, took us there in his King Air. Which is a very nice plane. We went there to go to the Texas State Fair! While we were there, me, H and Dad went on a ride like no other ride. I think it was called Air Flyer or somting like that. Google it!

We also saw a dog show. Very cool and cute! Sorry no pics, but I'm doing this on a iPad. If it doesn't crash publishing this post, it'd be super amazing. Adding pictures would take years to load.

We got back the same day. It was so cool flying at night! I even made a poem:

Little islands of twinkling light
Floating on a sea of night
Light is your boat
The only thing that will float
On this sea of night.

Oh yeah. The new Emily Dickson! Whoo hoo! I totally ROCK! 😏 (not!)

Well, that is what we did in a short manner. Thank you so much for the trip Robert!

::Daisy Ray::😘

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guest post

Hey ya'll this is Lottie (the pug). Daisy hired me too tel yoo that she is sory shee hasent posted iin so longe. She sade that she has ben very buisy. But they went to Wallace or maby Dallas, and she ceps teling me she will post aabot that son. So, stay posted ya'll.

{Lottie Ray}

Monday, September 30, 2013

Micellaneous Animals

Guava: I am laying on your nice cloths and I don't care.
Me: Guava! Naughty girl!
Guava: Oh, uh, just kidding! Now; stroke my body!

Guava: Keep STROKING me!!

Guava: Move this disgusting cord!! I think it is ruining my life!
Guava: Thank you!
Me: Sure.
Guava: I think I shall head down the stairs and have a Éclair!
Guava: Or wait, mayhap I shall have Crème Brule!
Guava: Or possibly a Bavarian Cream Puff!
Guava: Yes, they all sound scrumptious, but what one to pick? O, sorrow of many sorrows!
Lottie: Sup' ya'll.
Me: Sup'.
Husty: Dwa hey man!
Husty: Love me!
Husty: I just love you!
Lottie: Gee wiz, Husty! Lay of the beans and broccoli! Phew!
Husty: Huh?
Lottie: Hey, something totally uninteresting! Lemme check this out!
Husty: Pet me?
Lottie: Whoa, ya'll! Call a detective! I think this is a STICK!
Lottie: Actually ya'll, it was just an extinct dinosaur bone. I'm so disappointed I'm gonna run in circles.
Husty: Where's Lottie?
Husty: Lottie! Lottie?
Lottie: *Grunt*
Husty: Where oh where could she be?
Lottie: Uh... Husty?
Husty: Lottie? Hello?
Lottie: Husty.
Husty: Oh, WHERE is she??
Lottie: You gotta be kiddin' me.
Husty: I'll never see her again! Oh, Lottie Lottie Lottie......
Lottie: It...won't... UNCURL!!
Lottie: Oh well.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Silver Dollar City

We went to Silver Dollar City over the weekend with our friends. It was a BLAST! We've gone about twice before, and both times I've been TERRIFIED by the roller coasters. But, this time I said in a voice as brave as I could muster: "Hark! The time hath come for me to no longer fear what man hath made! I shall faceth my fears! Hurrah!"

Or something like that.
Anyway, I tried Thunderation and LOVED it! 

Then we did Wildfire. LOOVVVEEDD it! My total fav! Also, they take your picture on each ride, and every time I looked like I needed a trip to the mental hospital. Must be the lighting! Heh heh. I hope.

One ride is just not enough on Wildfire. 

The Barn Swing was also a big hit. Unbelievably fun!

Me and H went on the Electro Spin. And we all went on Powder Keg, (waited in line about 15 minutes for that one!) Fire In The Hole, and Outlaw Run. Outlaw Run is very, very wild! You go up a hill, go down, and barrel roll. And more things too. But here is no break in-between so you can't relish what just happened or get excited for the next part. But or' den' dat' it's AWESOME! 

I highly recommend coming to Silver Dollar City if you haven't been there. 

And there's a bunch of neat shops and shows. And a train ride. And a coffin to stand in!
Go there.

{Daisy Ray} 

Monday, September 9, 2013


Guava has been lost outside with no claws for eight days. One night we saw her eating, but she was gone when we got down there. Then, the next day Mom and Dad where having coffee and saw her just laying on a rock relaxing, as if everything was normal. Bad Guava! I'm so glad she's back though. And not a scratch on her! Still praying for Twa, too. Really miss him. :(

We started school on Wednesday, and we are doing the Sonlight curriculum. It's quite fun! Still don't have our math yet (YAY!) or other seat-work things, but those should be here soon.

We finally got some couches, too! There nice and comfy, not too deep. An okay color, too. It's so nice to come into the living room and have something to sit on!

I planted a watermelon plant like six months ago and now it just bloomed a flower! Hope it bears some fruit! Sorry no pics, but our Wi-Fi only let's us have 10 gigabytes a month and in like two weeks we used six. Trying to upload pictures will drain it even quicker. [:(

Well, that's what we've kinda been up to in the past few weeks. We've also been trying to stay inside as much as possible so we don't melt in the SEPTEMBER sun. I hope it cools down quick!

I need some ice-packs, Daisy Ray

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Poem by a Pug

Hello ya'll

You probably know I'm small

A little over one foot tall

And 'ya know what?

I plum don't care at all.

Eating the same dog food, 

It's a grind

But sometimes I don't mind.

'Cause is theres a piece of chicken or cheese, 

That's all it takes for me to be pleased.

I also like bugs and snakes,

And cow-poop patties double as cakes.

They smell so great and taste delish,

Even better than a few raw fish.

I love to swim in the lake, 

Even if theres swimmers ear in my wake.

Some times when I'm swimming

I can't seem to paddle enough,

And that's when the going gets tough.

So I swim to shore;

Only to jump in once more.


Well, I finally wrote a poem,

And you humans think there the only ones who can write,

But a pug can too,

Through and through.

{Daisy Ray}  {Puggy Ray}

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Outside and Inside Pets

[Note: All pics are from the old house because the pics are not downloading again. I'll probably use pics I already used, too. So DEAL with it! Just kidding. :) ]

This is Bindi, H's cat.

And this is Pricilla, who kept the other cats warm in the winter, and had the most kittens.

This is my cat Ray ( short for Ray of Sunshine ), who was my favorite out of all my other cats.

This is Snacks. One thing about him is he kept nursing the longest.

This is Ty Ty. Short for Tigress. She was the pretty-est cat we ever owned, and had quite a few kittens.

And my other kitty Ginger. She was a tiny kitten when Pricilla died ( Pricilla was her Mom ), so we took care of her. She and Lottie always played, too!

Here is Lottie. AKA Moon, Moonshine, Pug, Pug-a-wug, and Tot. 

This was Mom's cat, Chuckles. ( Named after the candy ) He was very nice.

And last but not least, the indoor cats. Their names when we bought them were Mittens and Gloves. Somehow, Guava and Twa became there new names. They are very sweet, and are great companions.

Well, that was most of the pets. There are still quite a few others, but we'll just set them aside. They won't mind! 

I keep getting sever outbreaks of poison ivy. So, so SO itchy! All day every day! Not fun! 

I hope you like the new look of da blog! 

{Daisy Ray}

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pug and Cat

Me: Greetings, pug.
Pug: Uhhnnnnnuuhhh.....

Me: What?

Pug: Mmmmmmnnnnuuuuuhhhh.....

Me: Lottie! Talk normal!
Pug: No.

Me: Why?

Pug: Nnnnnuuuuhhhhhnnmmm.....

Me: Lottie! 

Pug: Go away.

Me: Guava?

Guava: Mmmmm....???

Me: Guava!

Guava: Oh, I had the most pleasant dream! Let me tell you...

Guava: I went out-of-doors! I was having a wonderful time!

Guava: The sun, the smell of sweet grass, it was wonderful! I almost felt like a kitten again!

Guava: Then I was inside and face-to-face with THE PUG! I was terrified!

Guava: A wonderful dream it was. Then you showed up...

Me: Sorry Guava.

Guava: SORRY?! DO YOU THINK THAT WILL HELP?!?! I am so so angry nothing will help!! Why- why- I'm BALLISTIC! And you think SORRY will help?!?! I am full of ANGER!!! 

Me: Whoa Guava! Calm-a down! It was JUST a dream! 


Me: GUAVA! Calm down!


Me: *Sigh*

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We Have Internet!

We finally got Internet! We were without it for two months. Now Auntie is here too!  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings with her for supper yesterday. Very fun and delicious! Then we got cones at Mc Donald's. Very fun! Thank you Auntie!!

We've been biking around the property and exploring. We found a river, and a good picnic spot. We also have been going on walks. There is a road so the the people checking the oil wells can get around to them, and one leads for 3.5 miles through a corn field. Corn on both sides of the road, and it is so so pretty/cool!

We have been enjoying the bovines too. They have absolutely NO self-conscienceness and as you walk by there all wide-eyed and staring. It's kind of uncomfortable!

Have a good rest of the week!

{Daisy Ray}

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creepy Cows

The cows were mooing very loudly this morning. We have about twenty cows in our land, and they are very fun to watch. The calfs are quite cute too! Anyway, the farmer came and the cows had a great big moo-fest. They sound really creepy when they moo. When there stressed they're moos sound like a horse and donkey, both dying. Like: Mhhhooooonnnnaaaaoooohhhhnnnnn.....!!!!!!!

It's really nice living here. And there is so many trees! For Kansas, at least. By the river though, it's a forest! Without evergreens! Every plant is flourishing. It's been raining almost every day! By now, everything would be shriveled up, brown, and dead. I think the frogs think it's spring, because usually I don't see frogs on our doors and windows. There always on them! It's really strange! Even on the second floor windows, frogs! And lots of Daddy Longlegs too. And we had a scorpion on our stairs! There are a lot of Cardinals too. And Grasshoppers. And just bugs in general.

Can't wait for you to come, Auntie!!!!!!!!! Five more days!!!

{Daisy Ray}

Monday, August 12, 2013

Got Wi-Fi?

Hi! Sorry no posts for months, but we plum ain't got no Wi-Fi! Argggggg......    A lot has been happ'nin lately, we moved in and it is veeerrrryy nice here! Flaws of dis house: Undrinkable water and wasps get in. And that's all! It's rained so much, and the river was so high,  trees were floating down it!  We've been fishing a lot in the pond. Very fun! And the best for last.... Aunties a comin'!! From CT! YYAAYYYY!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Well, I hope we get Wi-Fi soon, but until we do, I'll keep posting on the iPhone!!

Daisy Ray

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pug Problems

Me: Hiya, Pug.

Lottie: ----------

 Me: Lottie, are you ASLEEP?!

Me: Lottie! Wake up!

 Lottie: Mmmmnnnuuuuuhhhhhh.....

 Me: Alright pug, we all know you won't be waking up anytime soon, so I'll see Twa. HE won't be asleep!

 Twa: Oh, hello man, I just got up.

Me: You were sleeping too?

 Twa: Mmmm... yeahh..

 Me: Twa. Twa! No! Don't fall asleep!

 Twa: Oooohhhhh.....


Me: Whoa, Twa. I'm leaving for sure now!


 Me: Pug! You're still asleep! Come on pug, lets wake you up!

Lottie: Mmmmnnnuuuuuhhhh......... pu me down.... now.....

 Me: No! Lottie! Don't go back to bed!
 ( By the way, the mattress has no sheet because it's getting washed, and there is no bed because we packed it.)

 Me: No no no, Lottie! Stay AWAKE!

Lottie: I don't got to if I don't want to.
[Me roughly throwing her on the bed.]

Me: Moonshine! Wake up! Please?

Me: Come on Pug, you can do it! Just WAKE UP!

Me: Yeah! Yeah! You're doin' it Pug! Come on!

Me: YEAH! You're awake! Woo-hoo!

Lottie: I'm canna feelin' sleepy again...

Lottie: Think I'll just... lay down...

Lottie: Thas better.

Me: NO! Don't fall asleep AGAIN!

Me: Moonshine! Do you hear me? Don't fall ASLEEP! Okay?

Lottie: Huh? Yeah... sure...

Me: Pug! I'm serious! Listen!

Lottie: Yeah... sure.......

Me: Fine, then. Here I come, Twa!

Twa: Do you MIND? I'm trying to sleep!!

Me: [Someones got issues!!]    Uh, okay Twa.

Me: Pug! You're awake!

Lottie: Sure am, ya'll.

Me: Well, as long as you're awake, I might as well tell you, um... well... you have to take a bath.

Lottie: Oh sure okay. I think I hear a cat or something.

Me: Lottie, did you hear me? I said a bath. Or, as you call it, the 'B' word.

Lottie: Yeah yeah, I heard you fine.

Lottie: Hey, it was a cat that I heard! Too far away to chase though...


Lottie: WHAT?!?! A BATH?!?!? Are you kidding me?! No, NNNOOOOO, no bath for me! I can tell you that!

Lottie: No way Hosea am I taking a bath!

Lottie: I'M TAKIN' A BATH! I'M TAKIN' A BATH! How did this happen?!

Lottie: No. NNNOOO! Not the WATER!

Lottie: Make it stop! Make it STTTOOOO--OOOO---PPPPP!!!!!!

Lottie: Not SOAP!!!!! WHY!? WHH--HH--YYY????!!!!!

Me: Calm DOWN, Lottie! You're almost done! We just have to dry you off!

Lottie: Good. Make it snappy!

Lottie: No! This is even WORSE! AAAAHHHHH! HELP! HELP! SAVE ME!!! HELP! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

****I couldn't get a pic of her all clean and fresh, because she was so upset with me that she refused to pose for a photo. Oh well.

{Daisy Ray}