Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dallas Trip ✈️

Hello. Sorry I'm not posting. It's just that I'm SO busy! I have the world to destroy, hyenas to train, and  plus I have to survive.

Anyway, we went to Dallas like two weeks ago! Robert, a good friend of ours, took us there in his King Air. Which is a very nice plane. We went there to go to the Texas State Fair! While we were there, me, H and Dad went on a ride like no other ride. I think it was called Air Flyer or somting like that. Google it!

We also saw a dog show. Very cool and cute! Sorry no pics, but I'm doing this on a iPad. If it doesn't crash publishing this post, it'd be super amazing. Adding pictures would take years to load.

We got back the same day. It was so cool flying at night! I even made a poem:

Little islands of twinkling light
Floating on a sea of night
Light is your boat
The only thing that will float
On this sea of night.

Oh yeah. The new Emily Dickson! Whoo hoo! I totally ROCK! 😏 (not!)

Well, that is what we did in a short manner. Thank you so much for the trip Robert!

::Daisy Ray::😘

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guest post

Hey ya'll this is Lottie (the pug). Daisy hired me too tel yoo that she is sory shee hasent posted iin so longe. She sade that she has ben very buisy. But they went to Wallace or maby Dallas, and she ceps teling me she will post aabot that son. So, stay posted ya'll.

{Lottie Ray}