Sunday, May 26, 2013

Boxes and Pricilla

Only two days left to vote in the poll! Hurry!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

We recently just got all the boxes in our living room and brought them outside to put in the (empty of chickens) chicken coop for storage. But to do this we first had to take out some old furtiture that we also put in for storage. Then we had to cover the ground of the chicken coop with trash bags.
Then  we put all the boxes back in the chicken coop, got a tarp, and covered them. If we don't, brown recluses would crawl in our stuff and many other bugs. Not cool. 

And remember that post when I burned all the skin around my wart trying to remove it? Well I popped the blister twice, by accident, and now it's starting to heal. It still hurts though! 

I hope you have a nice relaxing Memorial Day! As you can clearly see, Priscilla is very relaxed. 

Priscilla: Just took some pills! They really calm you down.

Me: Priscilla, mabey you don't know this, but you've been dead for almost 2 years.

Priscilla: Oh, right. I'm always forgetting that.

{Daisy Ray}