Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What the Animals have to Say

 Casey: What are you doing?

 Lottie: Itching.

 Casey: I see.

Casey: Whoa lookit this!

Lottie: Hold on, let me finish yawning.

Lottie: Wow, that is cool!

Casey: Yeah! I never realized this rug was here!

Casey: You're my BFF.

Lottie: You're mine too.

Husty: Am I your BFF too?

Lottie: Huh? Oh sure, yeah.

Me: Hey Aquilla. Whatcha eatin'?

Aquilla: The onwy ting you feed us, cat food! Duh!

Me: Oh. I'm going to see your brethren.

Ravioli: Rah! Take this! And this!

Jasper: Oh yeah? Well then, take THIS! 

Ravioli: Eat my dust, weakling!

Jasper: Hey! Where'd you come from?
Ravioli: Never mind the human child! Let's keep playing!

Ravioli: This rocking chairs' going down!

Ravioli: I can't do it!

Jasper: No worries, little bro! I got this!

Jasper: RRRAAAAAHHHHH...........

Jasper: AHHHHHHHHHHH......

Me: This is getting a bit boring.

Me: Hi Twa!

Twa: Hello man!

Me: Uh Twa...

Me: Twa! Stop licking yourself!!!!

Twa: Oh!

Me: Twa!...

Twa: Ok, I'm done!

Twa: I love you so much!

Me: Uh, me too Twa. I'm going to leave now...

Me: Are you napping, pug?

Lottie: Sure am; but I'm done now.

Me: Oh good. Come up on the bed.

Lottie: What did you want?

Me: Well-

Lottie: Wait! I'm feelin' it- an itch is a comin'!

Lottie: Oh, much better.

Me: Well now that you're done, the thing I wanted to tell you is-

Lottie: UUUUUU...

Lottie: UUUU....


Me: Pug! You're impossible to talk to! I'm outta here!


  1. I love seeing pictures of the animals. The kittens are so cute. :)
    (I am cookbook, Tam, just so you know! Leah forced me to have a name too.)

    1. Thank you! I like your name cookbook.I wish you could have a kitten! They would be in very good hands:)

  2. I LOVE your animals! That was so funny. :) Keep posting. BL

    1. Thank you Bunny Love! I will keep posting!!! Thanks for commenting!!


  3. Nice talkin' animals. That was a long yawn pug. LB

    1. Lottie has extremly long yawns. Thats sometnig we need to work on. Hear that pug?:)
      Thank you for commenting LB!!