Friday, May 24, 2013

A Pug and Her Toy

 Me: Hey pug. Are you sleepy?

Lottie: Yeah.

Me: Are you REALLY sleepy?

Lottie: Sure am, ya'll.

 Me: Then what do you think of.... this!! Your rawhide bone!

Lottie: ..........................

Me: Hhmmm... not getting to you.

 Me: Now it's time to bring out the big gun. Hey pug lookit THIS!

Lottie: Holy Guacamole! My red squeaky toy! Leme' take a bite!

Lottie: Oooooohhhh.... this hits the SPOT!!

Lottie: Man, I could chew this for hours!

Me: Rah ha ha!!

Lottie: Wha-? Hey!! Give my toy-toy back ya'll!!!!

Lottie: Come on! Drop it!

Lottie: Toy-toy! Did that meanie hurt you?

Me: Oh brother. Pug, Your toy-toy can not get hurt! It has cotton stuffing for crying out loud!!

Lottie: Well, let's just say it could of been a lot worse.

Me: Puuuuuuuuuuggg!!

Lottie: Now I can sleep peacefully know your right beside me, toy-toy.

Me: Gag-gag

Me: Hey pug! I've got your precious toy-toy!!

Lottie: Ssssnnnnnooorrrreee....... snorkle snore...

Me: Well, I guess I'll let you sleep. Sweet dreams, my pug-a-wug! 

{Daisy Ray}


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah pug! Sleep really well so you have energy to play with me!