Monday, May 27, 2013

A Conversation with the Felines

We have been doing more box-moving and shelf moving into the chicken coop. Today I also made French Breakfast puffs from Pioneer Women and they were pur' darn good! We went to the rental house awhile ago and there was hardly a change since the last time we went.
Then we later found out that it would be at least six weeks until we can move there. Hmmmm... Not so great. But we will be able to stay here, which is good. Happy Memorial day everyone!

Apparently the gray blobs have a little somin' to say this fine afternoon.

Guava: Greetings, fair child!

Me: Uh, 'Greetings' Guava.

Twa: Hello man!

Me: Sup' Twa.

Me: Whats on your minds, cats?

Guava: Well, first of all that book is disturbing my life. Move it! And those worthless shirts! Move them too!

Me: Ok, ok, I did, Guava. Anything else you and Twa have to say?

Twa: Well, I would like another one of these silk, hand-woven blankets.

Me: Twa you jerk! The blanket is not silk, and we wouldn't buy you another one if you were dying of cold!

Guava: Well I am nice and content with my pillow!

Me: Yeah, well good for you Guava. 

Guava: Of course, that piece of paper on the ground looks so comfortable and soft!

Me: I'm sure it does, Guava. 

Twa: Or mabey I could lay on the nice, clean laundry and decorate it with my gray and white fabulous fur! Yeah, that sound like a good plan! I'm on my way, Man!

Me: Twa, that makes Mom have to wash the clothes all over again. You better not do that.

Twa: Oh! Sorry. I thought that was how you liked your clothes! I'll just decorate the floor instead! Thanks for the totally groovy advice!

Me: Uh, sure Twa. Ummm, glad to help. And about the floor...


  1. So you get to stay in your house now! That's really good news. You could come stay with us, but I am sure the drive would get old for your dad. :)

    1. Ha ha! I'm glad too! If we did have to stay with you (that would be so fun!) dad would probably not mind the drive since he loves seeing you guys:) I wish we could see you though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss you soooooo muccchhhhh!!!

      P.S I like your guys's idea of nicknames, so mine is Gummy Girl. From now on when I comment(or post) I will probablly be Gummy Girl.