Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Rental House #2

 We went to the rental house yesterday. They got sheetrock in only two rooms. Now they've only got 9 days to finish it, which is basically impossible. We have to leave June 1st, so maybe we'll stay in a hotel or something.
Anyway, here's the living room.

You can't really tell in the pics, but they actually did a terrible job sheet rocking. It looks like a two year old did it!

Here's Lincoln's room.

And here is the veiw out the sliding glass doors in the living room. Theres a river down there somewhere!

This is what the house itself looks like. There is going to be a deck underneath the two top windows.

The top window on the left is me and H's room. The other one is Mom and Dad's.

It also has some pink and yellow Irises...

Some purple ones and a honey suckle tree!

Yesterday we also took out all our not-fit-for-a-dog furniture. And not fit-for-a-cat- furniture because the cats would gladly rather sleep on a piece of paper on the ground.

We moved most of the stuff in the living room. ''Ruff Ruff!" Hey, is that pug?

Me: Is that you pug?

Lottie: Yes, and I have just one thing to say: CLEAN THIS ROOM!

Me: Wow Lottie, I had now idea you cared so much! But since you do care, why don't YOU clean it?

Lottie: No.

Me: Lottie!! You come inside NOW!

Lottie: Make me.

Me: LOTTIE!!!!!!!

Lottie: Wait! Whats that??

Lottie: Oh never mind, it's gone.

Lottie: But wait! My keen eyes have spotted something else!

Me: Keen eyes?!

Lottie: Oh, just a cat.


Lottie: Hmmmmm? Oh I forgot all about you! What were you trying to get me to do?

Me: To clean the mudroom!

Lottie: Ooooohhhhhh that... right... ummm... no.

Me: Hey Aquilla. Hey Ravioli. Can you guys clean the mudroom?

Aquilla: No. For we are too bisy tinking of poetwy!

Ravioli: Right. I'm coming up with a great one called "Twinkle twinkle little star."

Me: Rav, that's already been invented.

Rav: Darn!

{Daisy Ray}



    1. Thank you! Yeah Lottie, the mudroom won't clean itself, you know!!!
      Daisy Ray