Monday, May 20, 2013

Tornadic Activity

Yesterday there was an almost-tornado! We were trying to unclog the washing machine drain, and the weather was getting pretty bad. The storm was apparently 'catasrophic' and 'the worst one yet' acording to KSN. When it started heading strait toward Benton, we raced to the nieghbors who have a basement. As we were driving there, the clouds looks so onimous and the sky so green. Luckily, no tornado came.

Another thing is I was trying to remove my warts and I didn't know that you were supposed to just touch the wart, not the skin. So I jammed the so cold it burns wart remover tip right on that beastly wart. And on the skin around it.

Here's what happened. It hurt to the extreme. This morning it blistered up.

The kittens are doing well! 

And only 11 days till' we move! Wahooooo!!!

Has anybody noticed the avocado trend? On most blogs it seems like a very popular veggie. Health food seems like a trend too, and organic stuff.  And mustaches. In stores like Claires they are all over everything. To me this seems just a little weird to have men's facial hair on clothes, earings, ect. Why can't it be candy or cats instead? I would much rather wear a shirt that said: I Love Candy! Than: I Love Mustaches! Oh well. 

Till' next post, Daisy Ray

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