Saturday, May 4, 2013

Making Conversation With The Animals

Me: Hello, cats.

Guava(the one with the green ribbon): Greetings, fair one!

Twa: Hello, man.

Me: Whatcha up to cats?

Guava: We are watching for possible predators, such as the pug.

Twa: Yes, we have to keep our guard up!
Me: Now where are you, Guava?

Guava: The Attic, of course!

Me: Why in the world are you up there?!

Guava: Well, it's prime mice area, and I'm protected from you!

Me: Thats not very nice Guava.

Guava: Why else would I say it?

Me: Your a meanie Guava. I'm going to talk to Lottie.
Me: Hi pug-a-wug!

Lottie: Hey Gwace.

Me: What are you doing on the woodpile, pug?

Lottie: Beats me. I'm just goin' up here 'cause it's fun.

Me: Hmmm... well have fun!
Me: Hello again, Guava.

Guava: I do not wish to speak with you. Do you notice my ears? 

Me: Yes Guava, I do. They're very far back.

Guava: And do you know what THAT means?!

Me: Yes Guava, it means that your angry.


Me: Whoa, Guava! I'm leaving! ( sheesh!)
Me: Hey Twa.

Twa: Hey man!

Me: You look very relaxed.

Twa: Yes, I am. 

Me: Why are you so relaxed?

Twa: It's a cat thing.

Me: Oh, I see. Well, bye Twa!

Daisy Ray


  1. That is very funny! Please do that more often! RG

  2. Replies
    1. I like him too! He is very nice. Thank you for commenting, Bunny Love!!

      Daisy Ray