Sunday, May 5, 2013

All About The Indoor Cats

The first time we saw them four years ago is when we opened a large box on Christmas Eve. We were quite shocked to see two gray and white kitties! We named them Mittens and Gloves. But somehow that got turned into Twa and Guava.
And I love Guava's black 'n' pink snozzle!! Guava clearly defines herself as the Alfa cat. She is prissy and bratty. But she is more affectionate than Twa. And her meow is very annoying and high-piched.  She loves to hide in the Attic, and has utter hatred towards Lottie. And any other thing that is better than her.
And then theres Twa. He is not very affectionate, so if he ever jumps up on our lap, the recipient of this rare kindness is usually like: "Hey! Twas on my lap!!!"
Twa also begs at the table. He will come and lightly pat you, and we call these pats 'Pats from Pot'. (Pot is yet another nickname.) 
He is less afraid of Lottie than Guava, and is nice to other cats, including kittens. Guava will hiss her head off at any cat that isn't Twa.
They are very nice cats; except for when Guava scratches you when she is making a mad dash to get away from Lottie. But we'll overlook that.

Daisy Ray