Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Poem by a Pug

Hello ya'll

You probably know I'm small

A little over one foot tall

And 'ya know what?

I plum don't care at all.

Eating the same dog food, 

It's a grind

But sometimes I don't mind.

'Cause is theres a piece of chicken or cheese, 

That's all it takes for me to be pleased.

I also like bugs and snakes,

And cow-poop patties double as cakes.

They smell so great and taste delish,

Even better than a few raw fish.

I love to swim in the lake, 

Even if theres swimmers ear in my wake.

Some times when I'm swimming

I can't seem to paddle enough,

And that's when the going gets tough.

So I swim to shore;

Only to jump in once more.


Well, I finally wrote a poem,

And you humans think there the only ones who can write,

But a pug can too,

Through and through.

{Daisy Ray}  {Puggy Ray}