Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Creepy Cows

The cows were mooing very loudly this morning. We have about twenty cows in our land, and they are very fun to watch. The calfs are quite cute too! Anyway, the farmer came and the cows had a great big moo-fest. They sound really creepy when they moo. When there stressed they're moos sound like a horse and donkey, both dying. Like: Mhhhooooonnnnaaaaoooohhhhnnnnn.....!!!!!!!

It's really nice living here. And there is so many trees! For Kansas, at least. By the river though, it's a forest! Without evergreens! Every plant is flourishing. It's been raining almost every day! By now, everything would be shriveled up, brown, and dead. I think the frogs think it's spring, because usually I don't see frogs on our doors and windows. There always on them! It's really strange! Even on the second floor windows, frogs! And lots of Daddy Longlegs too. And we had a scorpion on our stairs! There are a lot of Cardinals too. And Grasshoppers. And just bugs in general.

Can't wait for you to come, Auntie!!!!!!!!! Five more days!!!

{Daisy Ray}


  1. Can't wait to see pics of the cows! CB

  2. Grace, I am so happy to see you up and running again. Your house and yard sounds so nice!! I miss you guys, and can't wait to see you all. Love, Grandma Linda

  3. Hi Daisy Ray, your life on the prairie sounds idyllic ! I would also love to live the life that "Lottie -Bot" has ! Maybe just a touch more sleep would make it perfect ! Or is she at the legal limit for "sleeping pug" hours already ? It must be neat sleeping with cows outside your bedroom ! Do they get "spooked" if you get to close ? Anyway, I'm retiring in Dec. and a top priority on my "I don't work anymore victory tour" will be a visit to see youse guys and your cool new place ! Looking forward to it SO much ! Say hi to everyone > > > Love U a Kansatillion !