Monday, August 12, 2013

Got Wi-Fi?

Hi! Sorry no posts for months, but we plum ain't got no Wi-Fi! Argggggg......    A lot has been happ'nin lately, we moved in and it is veeerrrryy nice here! Flaws of dis house: Undrinkable water and wasps get in. And that's all! It's rained so much, and the river was so high,  trees were floating down it!  We've been fishing a lot in the pond. Very fun! And the best for last.... Aunties a comin'!! From CT! YYAAYYYY!!!!! Can't wait!!!

Well, I hope we get Wi-Fi soon, but until we do, I'll keep posting on the iPhone!!

Daisy Ray


  1. We missed your posts, Grace! Hope you all are doing well! We miss you!

  2. Yeah!! Glad you are writing again. We missed you.