Monday, September 9, 2013


Guava has been lost outside with no claws for eight days. One night we saw her eating, but she was gone when we got down there. Then, the next day Mom and Dad where having coffee and saw her just laying on a rock relaxing, as if everything was normal. Bad Guava! I'm so glad she's back though. And not a scratch on her! Still praying for Twa, too. Really miss him. :(

We started school on Wednesday, and we are doing the Sonlight curriculum. It's quite fun! Still don't have our math yet (YAY!) or other seat-work things, but those should be here soon.

We finally got some couches, too! There nice and comfy, not too deep. An okay color, too. It's so nice to come into the living room and have something to sit on!

I planted a watermelon plant like six months ago and now it just bloomed a flower! Hope it bears some fruit! Sorry no pics, but our Wi-Fi only let's us have 10 gigabytes a month and in like two weeks we used six. Trying to upload pictures will drain it even quicker. [:(

Well, that's what we've kinda been up to in the past few weeks. We've also been trying to stay inside as much as possible so we don't melt in the SEPTEMBER sun. I hope it cools down quick!

I need some ice-packs, Daisy Ray