Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pug Problems

Me: Hiya, Pug.

Lottie: ----------

 Me: Lottie, are you ASLEEP?!

Me: Lottie! Wake up!

 Lottie: Mmmmnnnuuuuuhhhhhh.....

 Me: Alright pug, we all know you won't be waking up anytime soon, so I'll see Twa. HE won't be asleep!

 Twa: Oh, hello man, I just got up.

Me: You were sleeping too?

 Twa: Mmmm... yeahh..

 Me: Twa. Twa! No! Don't fall asleep!

 Twa: Oooohhhhh.....


Me: Whoa, Twa. I'm leaving for sure now!


 Me: Pug! You're still asleep! Come on pug, lets wake you up!

Lottie: Mmmmnnnuuuuuhhhh......... pu me down.... now.....

 Me: No! Lottie! Don't go back to bed!
 ( By the way, the mattress has no sheet because it's getting washed, and there is no bed because we packed it.)

 Me: No no no, Lottie! Stay AWAKE!

Lottie: I don't got to if I don't want to.
[Me roughly throwing her on the bed.]

Me: Moonshine! Wake up! Please?

Me: Come on Pug, you can do it! Just WAKE UP!

Me: Yeah! Yeah! You're doin' it Pug! Come on!

Me: YEAH! You're awake! Woo-hoo!

Lottie: I'm canna feelin' sleepy again...

Lottie: Think I'll just... lay down...

Lottie: Thas better.

Me: NO! Don't fall asleep AGAIN!

Me: Moonshine! Do you hear me? Don't fall ASLEEP! Okay?

Lottie: Huh? Yeah... sure...

Me: Pug! I'm serious! Listen!

Lottie: Yeah... sure.......

Me: Fine, then. Here I come, Twa!

Twa: Do you MIND? I'm trying to sleep!!

Me: [Someones got issues!!]    Uh, okay Twa.

Me: Pug! You're awake!

Lottie: Sure am, ya'll.

Me: Well, as long as you're awake, I might as well tell you, um... well... you have to take a bath.

Lottie: Oh sure okay. I think I hear a cat or something.

Me: Lottie, did you hear me? I said a bath. Or, as you call it, the 'B' word.

Lottie: Yeah yeah, I heard you fine.

Lottie: Hey, it was a cat that I heard! Too far away to chase though...


Lottie: WHAT?!?! A BATH?!?!? Are you kidding me?! No, NNNOOOOO, no bath for me! I can tell you that!

Lottie: No way Hosea am I taking a bath!

Lottie: I'M TAKIN' A BATH! I'M TAKIN' A BATH! How did this happen?!

Lottie: No. NNNOOO! Not the WATER!

Lottie: Make it stop! Make it STTTOOOO--OOOO---PPPPP!!!!!!

Lottie: Not SOAP!!!!! WHY!? WHH--HH--YYY????!!!!!

Me: Calm DOWN, Lottie! You're almost done! We just have to dry you off!

Lottie: Good. Make it snappy!

Lottie: No! This is even WORSE! AAAAHHHHH! HELP! HELP! SAVE ME!!! HELP! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

****I couldn't get a pic of her all clean and fresh, because she was so upset with me that she refused to pose for a photo. Oh well.

{Daisy Ray} 


  1. Did Lottie have fun at the kennel while you were gone? How are the cats doing?? CB

  2. LOL! I love your commentaries, Grace :D Love, Auntie xoxo

  3. I can't wait for the next blog!! Grandma Linda

  4. Kairi & I just read this and were cracking up. So funny.