Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dallas Trip ✈️

Hello. Sorry I'm not posting. It's just that I'm SO busy! I have the world to destroy, hyenas to train, and  plus I have to survive.

Anyway, we went to Dallas like two weeks ago! Robert, a good friend of ours, took us there in his King Air. Which is a very nice plane. We went there to go to the Texas State Fair! While we were there, me, H and Dad went on a ride like no other ride. I think it was called Air Flyer or somting like that. Google it!

We also saw a dog show. Very cool and cute! Sorry no pics, but I'm doing this on a iPad. If it doesn't crash publishing this post, it'd be super amazing. Adding pictures would take years to load.

We got back the same day. It was so cool flying at night! I even made a poem:

Little islands of twinkling light
Floating on a sea of night
Light is your boat
The only thing that will float
On this sea of night.

Oh yeah. The new Emily Dickson! Whoo hoo! I totally ROCK! 😏 (not!)

Well, that is what we did in a short manner. Thank you so much for the trip Robert!

::Daisy Ray::😘

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