Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rental House #1!

Hi! We are renting this awesome house, that's by a... wait for it... RIVER!!!! The owner is completely remodeling it, so when we get to live there, it will be like a new house!! We've been going there lately to help out, which means pulling out about a million bajillion nails. The reason for that is if we don't, they can't put up the sheetrock, and I always thought a house with walls were kinda nice. Don't you? Here's a picture of me and H's room. Of course, it will look A LOT different when they're done. ( obviously)

To the left is the door, and to the right is a nice big window! See all that dust on the floor? There's still that much dust left over from that big ol' pile!  Last time we were there, I got insulation on my sock-less feet! Oh the pain! Oh the suffering! Today our dust masks were coated with dirt and grime! The river on the other hand, is super duper cool! The house is at the edge of a bluff and to get to the river, you have to go down a couple thousand steps, most of which are nearly crumbled. Oh, and it has a thousand acres! No joke!! Someday we plan to map it! If we don't get lost, of course. There are also cows roaming about too! And the owner has beehives. Not a fan. Even FLIES (sorry about all the caps words, but it's the only way to express my true feelings!) make me squirm! 

This pic is the hall upstairs, and that door leads to my parents room. When we first came here, me and H first went into the master, and immediately decided this was going to be our room. Then we were told that this was the master bedroom. So when we saw our room, which is quite smaller than the master, it was disappointing. But now we love our room! Also, in the pic, where the shovel is, the stairs are right below it. While we were there, a guy came and put up a fence.
You can barley see it in the pic, but he did a good job! It's barbed wire. There was also a bathtub chock- full of gross stuff, and we cleaned that out!
You can see the kitchen through that hole! Shazzam! I can't wait until the house is done!!

Can't wait for a river, Daisy Ray


  1. Glad to hear that you found a new house already! From the way I see it, there are definitely a lot of renovations to be done. I wonder when will you formally transfer there. For the meantime, just enjoy all the renovations and make it feel as homey as possible. Have fun!

    1. Thank you! We will be moving in exactly 38 days! Thank you for the comment!