Sunday, June 16, 2013

Whats Been Up Lately

Well, we have been going to work on the rental house a lot. Like 9 hour days. Today we were there 5 hours. Mostly all those hours are filled with painting. I'll post some pics when it's all done!  

We gave away all the kittens:) :(. Sad, but happy because they will have a better life. Good for them!

Happy Fathers Day, everyone! Go Dads! The favorite thing about my Dad is he always wants to play with us, and he shares his candy! THANKS DAD!

I can't wait to go to Montana! Yay! I wish Lottie could come. Hm.

{Daisy Ray}


  1. We'll see you soon!! Have a safe trip to Montana. Grab a cowboy hat if you can. Leah found hers at Target. We can get some fun photos of H,G,L and Sydni. CB

    1. We will try! All the girls should have the MT house bunks. Then we could all be together! Can't wait!