Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lottie's life.

Hi! This post will be about Lottie's life. To start off, we found Lottie on an online newspaper in Oklahoma. She was the only girl! Soon we were on our way to get her. We picked her up at a Walmart parking lot, and she was so small! And cute! And puggish! We LOVED her! When we got home, her identification tag was so big on her it touched the ground. 
Before she was trained, she would chase cars and 'go' in the house.  That was annoying. But Lottie had a very scary incident about a few weeks ago... Dad was coming home in the dually( a truck with two wheels instead of one in the back) and Lottie has always had a problem: when a car pulls up to our house, she would go and chase it. So when dad pulled up, this was no exception. She chased him, slammed her face into the wheel,(we think) and came running inside. Me, mom and my sister were inside, and we heard her basically screaming.  I was picturing her lying dead on the driveway. But she came running in bleeding at the mouth. She cut her tongue and really bonked her head! But the only thing that she still does after she recovered was that she'd shake her head every once and awhile.
She is nice and healthy now, which is good! Lottie has MANY nicknames.  Here's the one we call her most: Moon, or moonshine! Her other nicknames are: Holographic mirrors, Vladimir, Spatoon, Mahoonie, and Lot -Lot. Yes, I realize how weird they are. By that's life! Wait... what? She also goes CRAZY when we're on the zip-line handle!  She will run around in circles and bark like this: "Abra! Aba!Abra!" She's strange. Anyways, Lottie is very fun to play with, and is a great comfort when I'm sad, or angry. And she's easy to take care of too! Our whole family loves her very much! 

Pug lover to the extreme, Daisy Ray.


  1. Oh Grace, I love your blog! Your writing is so descriptive and entertaining. Keep up the good work! Grandma Linda

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! I really appreciate it! Love you lots!

  3. Gracie Jo, I feel like I'm talking to you! You have such a fun writing style. So interesting and funny to read. Keep blogging, my sweet niece! Love, Auntie

  4. Awu! Cute! Lottie! Love you! Hope you have a great day! Go,go! Dasiy ray! Say Hi to Hannah for me please. YOY CHIK U BOW YOY!!!!!!!!!! Leah